Steps Toward a Paralegal Career in Minnesota

Follow the step by step process on how to become a paralegal below:

  1. Get Your Paralegal Education in Minnesota
  2. Advance to Paralegal Work Experience in Minnesota
  3. Find Info on Paralegal Certification in Minnesota (Optional)
  4. Seek Minnesota Paralegal Jobs
  5. Now That You’ve Become a Paralegal in Minnesota

Paralegal Job Description in Minnesota

According to data provided by the Legal Services Corporation, in 2012, legal aid services in the state of Minnesota closed 19,246 cases. A total of 32 paralegals helped make up the workforce of the legal aid services in Minnesota that year, and they served 50,789 Minnesotans. This is just one of the many areas of legal service in which paralegals in Minnesota may work, and perhaps the most rewarding area. Becoming a paralegal in Minnesota means that you, too, can realize the challenges and rewards of this exciting career.

Step 1

Paralegal Education in Minnesota

Paralegal education in Minnesota is not required under the law, but, without it, you will have a difficult time performing the duties of a paralegal.

Minnesota Paralegal Online and Campus Schools

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Programs for paralegals in Minnesota may be accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), or by no organization. Accreditation does not matter per se, as paralegal education is not mandated under Minnesota law. Students who choose accredited programs may do so with later career advancement or certification in mind.

Minnesota paralegal programs accredited by both the ABA and AAfPE are:

Minnesota paralegal programs accredited solely by the AAfPE include:

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Step 2

Paralegal Work Experience in Minnesota

Your paralegal program in Minnesota may offer you the opportunity, or the requirement, to complete a paralegal work internship. This internship will provide you with invaluable experience in the field. If your school does not have such an offering, you may wish to pursue volunteer or paid work experience in the paralegal field on your own. Organizations to contact about this include:

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Step 3

Paralegal Certification in Minnesota (Optional)

Paralegal certification is Minnesota is wholly optional and a personal choice. Although paralegals in Minnesota need not become nationally certified, some choose to do so to further their careers. If you decide to pursue certification, the Minnesota Paralegal Association recommends the following certifications for Minnesota paralegals:

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Step 4

Seek Minnesota Paralegal Jobs

Paralegals in Minnesota may find work with law groups and agencies, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and companies/businesses. Potential employers of paralegals in Minnesota include (but are not limited to):

  • State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense – Hastings
  • Faegre Baker Daniels – Minneapolis
  • Pine River Capital Management – Minnetonka
  • Yost & Baill – Minneapolis
  • Medtronic – Fridley
  • American Family Insurance – Eden Prairie
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company – Bloomington
  • Fafinski, Mark & Johnson, PA – Eden Prairie
  • Allianz Life – Minneapolis
  • Terry, Slane & Ruohonen – Bloomington

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Step 5

You’ve Become a Paralegal in Minnesota

You have made it! Your years of education and hard work have been rewarded, and you now have a career as a paralegal in Minnesota! The following organizations of paralegals and legal professionals in Minnesota offer members opportunities for networking and continuing education:

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