Best Pre Law Schools and Majors

While there are no undergraduate majors that are guaranteed to ensure your future success in law school or in your career as an attorney, the ABA suggests that some undergraduate majors lend themselves more readily to law school readiness.

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There are no restrictions for which bachelor’s degrees are acceptable for law school. There are, however, degrees that will better prepare the student. History is one good choice for the pre-law student.

The legal system in the United States has developed over a period of centuries, growing out of an established English legal system during the early colonizing years in the United States. As a history major, a student will have the opportunity to learn how those early years affected society and the governing laws of each period.

Students will study developing political systems, famous trials, treaties, and international history. All of these subjects will afford the student the opportunity to understand how the law affects the rules of society. Knowing these things will help the student have a solid grasp of precedents that established our laws. It will also help the student become a more persuasive litigator by knowing the history behind the law. View pre-law history programs…


Two of the most fundamental activities for lawyers is reading and writing. It is critical that an attorney possess strong reading and writing skills. Each argument presented in court is first well researched, thought out, and written down. Strong reading skills will help a student learn how to absorb large amounts of information at a fast pace. Strong writing skills will help to formulate persuasive arguments.

The English major will develop excellent critical thinking skills as well. A good attorney must analyze each case in order to determine the best way to approach a resolution. English majors are required to read critically. They will have to analyze, compare, and contrast a wide variety of literature. These activities will develop a student’s ability to think critically which will translate into invaluable skills for law school. View pre-law english programs…


A pre-law degree in philosophy prepares the student to enter law school by teaching students how to understand and analyze situations and flesh out details. They will learn how to define and interpret complicated situations. They are also taught how to examine evidence and create compelling arguments that are cohesive and logical. Arguing a case in court also requires the ability to see all sides of the argument.

They will discover how humans think and are exposed to a variety of worldviews. By understanding how others think and believe, the student is able to prepare for opposing arguments in advance. The philosophy student will also have ample opportunity to unravel complex situations and speak with a strong degree of confidence. View pre-law philosophy programs…

Political science

Political science is one of the more popular degrees for the pre-law student. It prepares the student by exposing them to all the intricacies of our complicated judicial system. Politics and law go hand in hand. Political science students will learn how the law is structured and carried out. It will also inform the student on foreign policy, historical cases, treaties, and foreign legal systems.

As a political science major, the pre-law student will learn how to speak in public. They will also be required to read and write well. Students will learn about the Constitution and how it developed the foundations for our legal system. The political science student will learn how different courts operate. Along with understanding politics and law, the student will also have the opportunity to speak in public and write comparative papers on a variety of political issues. View pre-law political science programs…


If a student is considering law school, it is important to plan and prepare during the undergraduate phase of their education. There are several undergraduate degrees that will lay a solid foundation for law school. One of the degrees that will prepare the pre-law student is economics. Much of what drives our country, at its foundation, is the economical system. It is important for the pre-law student to understanding how money affects society. This knowledge will give the pre-law student a basis for many of the issues brought to court.
Another important facet of law is critical thinking. The economics major will be exposed to a great deal of logical thinking, as well as interpreting and analyzing complex data. They will learn how to apply solutions to many different problems.

The economics major will be exposed to how our country developed from an economic standpoint. Through studying historical phenomena such as recessions and boom years, the pre-law student will learn what impacts our society and how these situations affect the law. View pre-law economics programs…


An undergraduate degree in business will serve the pre-law student well because it prepares the student in many facets of the legal system. The business major will have a strong understanding of issues such as contracts, negotiations, and corporate structure. A business major will be required to think critically and come up with solutions to intricate problems.

The breadth of training for the business major covers many subjects a student will encounter in law school. Courses include reading, writing, contracts, and speaking.  Each of these courses will lay the foundation for the student seeking a law degree. View pre-law business programs…

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