Steps Toward a Paralegal Career in Michigan

Follow the step by step process on how to become a paralegal below:

  1. Undertake Paralegal Education in Michigan
  2. Progress Through Paralegal Work Experience in Michigan
  3. Paralegal Certification in Michigan
  4. Look for Michigan Paralegal Jobs
  5. Now That You’ve Become a Paralegal in Michigan

Paralegal Job Description in Michigan

Michigan does not regulate paralegals under state law, other than its Rule 5.3, which defines paralegals as legal paraprofessionals employed under a lawyer’s supervision. Paralegals in Michigan work in a variety of legal subspecialties under the supervision of an attorney, including (but not limited to) personal injury, American Indian law, children’s law, negligence law, environmental law, and information technology law. If you would like to become a paralegal in Michigan and work in one of these or other countless legal specialties, read on.

Step 1

Undertake Paralegal Education in Michigan

As an aspiring paralegal in Michigan, you need not complete any educational program. However, having a certificate or degree in paralegal studies or a related field will greatly improve your chances of getting a paralegal job in Michigan.

Michigan Paralegal Online and Campus Schools

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You know you’re ready to make the move to become a Paralegal. All you need is the training to make it happen. Learn more about flexible training options and the cost of programs in your area.

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Some schools’ programs in Michigan are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and others are not. Approval status is more of a personal preference, although some employers prefer to hire graduates of ABA-approved schools.

The following Michigan paralegal programs hold ABA approval:

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Step 2

Paralegal Work Experience in Michigan

Usually, your paralegal studies degree or certificate program in Michigan will require you to complete a work internship, giving you valuable paralegal work experience. If it does not, seek out work experience in the paralegal field on your own. A good place to start is with a legal aid agency in Michigan such as the following:

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Step 3

Certification for Paralegals in Michigan

You do not have to become certified through a national organization in order to work as a paralegal in Michigan. Some Michigan associations of paralegals, such as the Michiana Paralegal Association, recommend certification such as the following to help you advance in your Michigan paralegal career:

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Step 4

Look for Michigan Paralegal Jobs

Law firms, both large and small, employ paralegals throughout Michigan, but they are not the only job locations for paralegals. Businesses, from smaller corporations to large conglomerates, also employ paralegals in Michigan, as do government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and more. Examples of paralegal employers in Michigan are:

  • Hyundai Kia America Technical Center, Inc. – Superior Township
  • Henry Ford Community College – Dearborn
  • TRW Automotive – Livonia
  • Chrysler Group, LLC – Auburn Hills
  • Jackson National Life Insurance Company – Lansing
  • DOW- Midland
  • Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin, and Eads – Farmington Hills
  • National Guard – Grand Ledge
  • Lingua Science- Troy
  • Collins, Einhorn, Farrell P.C. – Southfield
  • Amway – Ada
  • Petrucelli Waara – Iron River

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Step 5

You’ve Become a Paralegal in Michigan

Congratulations on becoming a paralegal in Michigan! Now you should consider joining an association for paralegals in the state, where you can network, find continuing legal education opportunities, and meet fellow Michigan paralegals. The following organizations are appropriate:

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