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Paralegal Job Description in Maine

Per the Maine Revised Statute (MRS), a paralegal or legal assistant has the education, training or experience necessary to work for an attorney or corporation and perform substantive legal work, for which the attorney is responsible.  If you present yourself as a paralegal in Maine and do not meet these qualifications, you may be fined up to $1000 for breaking Maine state law. Make sure you stay within the law and learn how to become a paralegal in Maine by reading this article.

Step 1

Achieve Paralegal Education in Maine

Education is not mandatory for Maine paralegals, but most who employ paralegals in Maine will not hire a paralegal who does not have some education, training or experience in the field. The American Bar Association (ABA) accredits some paralegal programs. At this time, no programs in Maine hold ABA accreditation.

Maine Paralegal Online and Campus Schools


Featured Programs:

Washington University School of Law, Top-20 law school - 1-Year Online Master of Legal Studies, No GRE/LSAT required.
Arizona State University Online - Earn Your Master of Legal Studies in as little as one year.
Purdue University Global - Online Bachelor's in Legal Support and Services - Paralegal Concentration
Rasmussen University - Online Paralegal Associate Degree and Post-Degree Certificate Programs
Post University - Online Associate and Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

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Step 2

Get Paralegal Work Experience in Maine

Completion of an internship, if offered at your Maine paralegal school, is a great idea, as it will give you the chance to see what the day-to-day duties are of a Maine paralegal. If your school does not offer an internship, you may still pursue paralegal work experience on your own, on a paid or volunteer basis. Many legal aid and legal services organizations welcome the help of new graduates or paralegal students. They may include:

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Step 3

Seek Certification as a Maine Paralegal

Getting a certificate or degree from a paralegal school in Maine is not the same as seeking certification as a paralegal. Various national certification organizations exist, each of which offers certification programs for paralegals at different stages of their career. No one certification organization is better than another, nor is certification necessary for Maine paralegals. If you wish to seek certification as a Maine paralegal, options include:

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Step 4

Look for Work as a Maine Paralegal

Paralegals in Maine need not restrict themselves to searching for jobs within law firms or law practices. Many businesses, industries, corporations, government entities/agencies and non-profit organizations have a need for paralegals within their companies. Examples of potential Maine employers of paralegals are:

  • Eaton Peabody - Portland
  • Maine Department of Transportation – Augusta
  • Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project - Portland
  • McKee Billings, P.A. – Augusta
  • LeBlanc & Young - Portland
  • T.D. Bank Financial Group – Portland
  • Atlantic Fund Services - Portland

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Step 5

Now That You’ve Become a Paralegal in Maine

Congratulations on becoming a paralegal in Maine! You have worked hard and your hard work has paid off in the form of a career as a Maine paralegal! You might be interested in these helpful resources for Maine paralegals:

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