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Preparing For The LSAT Exam

If you hold a bachelors degree then the next step to take to become a lawyer is the LSAT Exam. This test is very important and can be quite challenging. There are many ways to prepare and also many resources available to you within your state. Click the link below to find information about the exam content and how to best prepare. Find your nearest test center and times around the country.

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Lawyer Education

There are many steps along the path of becoming a Lawyer. If you have not earned a bachelors degree then this will be your first step. If you have earned your bachelors degree and passed the LSAT then your next step will be to apply to a Law school.

• Undergraduate Pre-Law Degrees • Online Law and Legal Studies Programs • ABA Accredited Universities

The State Bar Exam

If you have graduated with your J.D. degree then you are now faced with another important examination in your quest to become a lawyer. The state bar exam will determine whether a person is qualified to practice law in a geographic jurisdiction. provides information about all state bar exams along with whats next after being admitted to the bar.

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Explore Law Careers

Learn more in depth information about the numerous professional legal careers. Many students will specialize in certain areas of law at earlier stages while persuing their education. Getting your law degree can open the door to a wide variety of law careers.

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Steps to Become a Lawyer/Attorney

The following pages will present you with the steps necessary to become a lawyer in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in the Canadian provinces and territories. The compulsory education, entrance and licensing examinations, and other factors needed to qualify to maintain lawyer licensure are all explained here. 

Education and Examinations Steps Necessary To Become a Lawyer/Attorney

Today more than ever before, lawyers are needed in a variety of specialties that have arisen due to recent changes in technology, foreign and domestic policy, and health care. More and more lawyers are opting to receive specialized training to become immigration lawyers, intellectual property specialists, health care lawyers, and labor and employment specialists. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for lawyers across the United States will increase by 10 percent by the year 2020. Although the median annual pay for lawyers nationwide in 2010 was $112,760, this comfortable salary does not come easily. Becoming a lawyer in any state means years of undergraduate and graduate education, as well as passing some of the most difficult examinations required of any profession.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Lawyer or attorney, choose what education level that best describes you: