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Concord Law School

Concord has 3 Law Degree Programs

(JD) Juris Doctor Law Degree

Concord Law School offers an excellent option for online Juris doctor law degree.  This degree is a part-time, four-year program and the core curriculum is based in a foundation of bar courses.  Students at Concord law School find that the online program offers a great working environment with direct communication and personal response evaluation. Most importantly, Graduates of the online (JD) law degree program will meet legal education requirements of the Committee of Bar Examiners.  Upon completion of this four-year program, graduates may apply for admission to the State Bar of California. Request more information about Juris Doctor Degree...

(EJD) Executive Juris Doctor Law Degree

Concord Law School instituted the Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) online law degree. This program is ideal for the person who has a career in a law related field, or for individuals who would benefit from additional education in the law. The (EJD) degree is a part-time program that lasts three-years.  The required “core” law courses, provides students with the freedom to adjust their course curriculum to meet individual interests and needs.  Graduates have used the (EJD) online degree to broaden job options, progress their careers, and increase personal knowledge.  With an Executive Juris Doctor law degree, professionals can attain the education desired, without being required to meet the regulations associated with becoming a bar member. Request more information about Executive Juris Doctor Degree...

(LLM) - Small Business Practice Degree

If you are a practicing attorney and want to broaden your knowledge on issues of law within small business, you might want to consider a comprehensive LLM Degree from Concord Law School. Request more information about the LLM Degree...

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